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Wedding pre wedding event party photography Toronto Canada

Marriage is the turning point in one’s life. Wedding ceremony is the most exciting moment to celebrate this life event. Needless to say, all to-be-couples want to find a qualified and passionate wedding photographer to help grab all the “moments” : whether happy or touching, with laughter or tears, couple alone or with family and friends……These memorable moments will accompany the couples a life long time.
As a wedding photographer, I offer both indoor shooting in my studio and outdoor shooting in your preferred location. With my own abundant life experience, I can take wedding photos from many perspectives. Of course, it is important to learn what the couples think and what you prefer first. After all, it is your festival and my bottom line is to make my clients satisfied.
I am also happy to take images for other events and parties such as pre wedding, birthday party, baby shower, graduation, company annual dinner etc.


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