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Toronto product photography

I have a lot of experience shooting many different product photos in Richmond Hill (Toronto GTA). This covers two aspects: different products whether they are big or small, glossy or matte; and different kinds of photos including white background product images or ambient photos shot in a life setting environment or creative pictures. I can also produce digital product photos for both online usage or printing purpose.

Please check the product photography portfolio link below to see different categories of products and various types of product photos.




– The relationship between subject and lighting

When a product photographer shoots a subject in the studio, usually the photographer will put the product on the table or a surface. Before setting up the lighting the photographer needs to predict the final photo.

If you use the same lighting set up for two different surfaces, you canget two totally different photos. Because different subjects with different surfaces will affect the lighting effect and give you different images. To control the lighting the photographer has to understand how the material influence the lighting. Normally there are three ways the product will respond to the lighting: absorb, transmit and reflect.

Product photography how to shoot a wine of bottle

For some junior product photographers, shooting a glass bottle is a challenging task. But for those senior product photographers, it is just a piece of cake. First of all, you need to understand how your subject’s material can affect the lighting. If you are using a small and high contrast light source, you will get the bad result for your photo. According to your subject’s material, the light will get the reflection on the surface of the bottle. So the photo will not show the best side of the product. To solve this problem you need to use a soft and large source light for the bottle. Below is the sample for this product shoot.

Toronto product photography wine of bottle
Toronto product photography wine of bottle