Jewelry photography

I think jewelry photography is one of the most difficult jobs in commercial photography.

ruby ring

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Buildings and Lawn

Usually architecture photos will show all details of the building or house. In fact,  there is another way to take these kind of the photos. For my new photo below,  except the lawn, it only shows the edifice in the  shadow. All you can see is just the outline and shape of the buildings.

buildings and lawn

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Toronto product photographer bread maker

I ‘m not working in food industry. But as a product photographer live in Toronto I’m shooting many kitchen products. Normally I think bread should be made by chef’ s hand. I have never thought it can be made by a machine. Amazing  isn’t it? This is the product photo  for bread maker.

kitchenwere product photography

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Man’s portrait photo

Brian is a funny guy. When I took portrait picture for him, he stopped me first and talked to me: “ I’m an ugly man, can you please use your magic camera to make me handsome?” Surely I promised him. Actually he is not ugly at all, he just likes joking. Let’s see his portrait photo. Obviously he looks like a big boss.

Toronto professional portraiture

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Toronto outdoor portrait photography

In Toronto,  unfortunately we have a half-year winter and the colors always be white, dark and grey. People love to see the colorful stuff, but the summer is so short. For outdoor portrait photography, usually I would like to choose the colorful  background in the pictures to keep the happy memory forever. For example like the photo below, the subject was wearing a white uniform, I chose some green trees as the background, which easily makes the chef outstanding in the photo.

photo in the garden

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Business portraiture for Michael page

Last Wednesday  we were invited by Michael page to shoot business portraits for their leader team. As usual, we arrived on site half an hour ahead of the shooting time. On site photography means photographer has to face different unknown environments. This time I had to shoot in a very small business meeting room. And moreover there was a meeting table in the middle of the room.  It was a challenge, isn’t it? To be a professional photographer I have to keep my  brain running all the time. I need to solve any unexpected photography problem at my work. This is one of my photos on that day.

business portraiture

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Architecture photo a bridge

Recently, One of my friends invited me to visit him.  After arranging my schedule. I left Toronto on an evening, and flew to another country. The bridge in the photo below was just beside his apartment, so I could take some architecture photos conveniently. This is one photo.

architecture photography Richmond Hill Toronto

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Portrait for singer Troy

Troy is a polite and shy person. He is from Toronto. When I first met him, I can not imagine he is a singer. But when he faced the camera, he became a professional actor. The shooting was very smooth.

singer Troy

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Shooting color suits

Recent work, shooting some colorful suits, for a customer from Markham., this is the one of the photos.

color suits blue

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Toronto Product photography shadow or no shadow?

As a professional commercial photographer in Toronto, I have to listen to my customers. The photos are based on their requirement.  I will provide perfect photos to satisfy my customers.

smark power bank with shadowsmark power bank no shadow

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